Today and always, we celebrate you

Today I bake you your 13th cake…okay, I MAY have a bought a few of them along the way…but…It seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital, and now… now you are my little man.You were always content to stay in the shadows, but now you are coming out of those shadows and standing in the light and shining so very bright.You are finding your own path in life, a path I would have never thought you would take. Not in a million years. I didn’t know that would happen so soon. I have such mixed feelings about the man you are becoming. I am so proud of you for being smart and loving and courageous. But I’m not ready for you to be so grown up already.

You have filled my days with so much laughter, more laughter than I could have ever imagined. I can’t tell you how much of my heart you fill, but I can tell you I would be empty without you. Those gentle touches on my shoulder as you pass by me while you tell me “I love you”, bring a smile to my face and heart.

I have never been around someone as quick witted or as honest, as you. You wear your heart on your sleeve and say what you feel with no apologies. That is a gift and I hope you never lose that. You’ve always been bold, loud, over-confident and perfectly you.

I may not be the perfect mother, but I try to be. Sometimes your energy overwhelmed me: thank you for being patient with me and for accepting my apologies with grace when I haven’t been patient with you.

I’ll do what I can to help you succeed. And, I might even be so excited for you that I post it on Facebook (I know you don’t like it), because I’m proud to be your mother. I get the privilege of helping you become what you were created to be. It’s hard work, but it’s an honor, and the most important work I’ll ever do. So, you’ll just have to forgive me if I celebrate you, as only a parent can do, with each step you take toward your own purpose.

13 years ago, you turned my whole world upside down. You took what I thought I knew about life and love and you shook it all up and rebuilt it into something beautiful, something I don’t fully understand, something I can’t live without.

Happy birthday Payton. Today and always, we celebrate you.

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